Becket Knoyer, smiling!Every day is a brave new adventure, especially for little 4-year-old Becket Knoyer. And recently Becket has found a few new reasons to smile! Since last year, Becket’s parents have searched for ways to make life a little easier and more care-free for the little boy with the big spirit. They wanted to be able to give him a little more independence as he grows, something that his medical complications make difficult. Because of a lack of oxygen to his brain in the birthing process, Becket has suffered from seizures, muscle tone issues, and some dietary restrictions in the first few years of his life. The muscle tone issues, especially, can restrict the normal activities a child his age can participate in without help. read more

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New emergency entrance

Planning and Construction

Why does Akron Children’s need a new building? Akron Children’s has become the largest pediatric healthcare provider in northeast Ohio, caring for more than 650,000 patient visits a year. As a result of our significant growth in patient volumes and services, we’ve outgrown our current facilitie

Proud to be independent

by on December 22, 2014

Jordan and Gabriella
As we get closer to the New Year, I find myself reflecting on this past fall. I’m amazed how each season seems to be so fresh in the eyes of Jordan. I love his new school. We have had so much fun searching his books to take in to share with his new friends, attending field trips, talking about his day, and hearing him talk about his teachers and bus driver. He stayed at the same school he’s attended for his therapy since he was an infant. His physical therapist has become part of our family and we feel he is in the best place to help him with his mobility. We were so excited to see his teachers jump in to help him and work together as a team. read more

2014 Check Presentation

by on November 5, 2014

On October 7, 2014 Ann & members of the Courage team presented a $20,000 check for the 2014 Annual Wine Tasting Benefit to the Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatric Palliative Care Team to support their Gift Card Fund. (more…)

Who We Help

by on May 2, 2014

Thanks to the generous donations and support of our donors, sponsors, friends and family, the Courage for Carina Foundation has been able to help many children and families in their time of need over the past five years.  The bios below are just a small sample of the stories of Courage that we are blessed to be able to help write in some small way. Henry Cartwright Henry is a happy, playful little guy, just under 2 years old.  He was diagnosed before birth with arthrogryposis, a rare limb and joint disorder.  Arthrogryposis causes arms and legs to be tighter to the body when growing in the womb which leads to muscles not forming properly.  He also had a difficult time breathing after birth and was given a tracheostomy.  After a stay in the NICU, Henry has been back in the hospital for several surgeries to help his joints and muscles.  He also is followed by several different specialists which means lots of trips to the

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